Defunct NC 'Land of Oz' theme park will reopen for limited time

North Carolina's The Land of Oz 1st Opening Since 1980
North Carolina's The Land of Oz 1st Opening Since 1980

This incredible "Wizard of Oz" themed park closed over 35 years ago, but there's good news for fans of the classic film -- it's reopening for a limited time this summer.

The Land of Oz attraction will be open for six daily tours every Friday this June.

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The park sits atop a winding road in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, and once brought in 20,000 visitors a day -- making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South. But sadly, the owners were forced to close it in 1980 due to economic issues and increased competition.

It was largely forgotten about until haunting images of the beloved attraction went viral in 2013.

The first tour, on Friday, June 3, is already sold out. But fear not, "Oz" fans -- tickets for the other dates are still available online. All you have to do is snag a ticket online the Monday before each tour.

General admission tickets are only $12.50, but you'll also need to purchase a $10 round trip ski lift ticket to make the trek up the mountain.

That's a very small price to pay to see the replica of Auntie Em's house and walk along the enchanted Yellow Brick Road, paved with 44,000 bricks.

"This is an opportunity to walk through a classic story with the main character," said Jana Greer, who plays Dorothy, in an interview with WGHP.

So click your ruby red slippers and make your way down to see the wizard before it's too late!


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