Court rules man can pay child support with pizza

Court Rules Man Can Pay Child Support with Pizza

When an Italian divorce court decided a man must pay child support to his ex-wife, they never specified which currency he must use.

So he decided to pay her in pizza.

Nicola Toso split from his wife back in 2002, when their daughter was just six years old. Toso agreed in court to pay his ex-wife 300 Euros per month. That comes out to about 335 dollars.

Unfortunately, the Italian economy took a bad turn in 2008, and Toso couldn't pay in cash anymore, which is when he decided to get creative.

Toso, a professional pizza maker, decided to pay his ex-wife with 300 Euros worth of takeout from his restaurant.

She didn't file a criminal complaint against him until 2010, which is when he closed his business.

As it turns out, the Italian courts found his pizza payments completely fair.

They acquitted him of all charges pressed by his ex-wife, noting Toso followed through on all of his custodial obligations and only turned to pizza as a last resort.

Toso currently has full custody of his daughter, who is now 20, after she had a falling out with her mother. Now Toso's ex owes him 300 Euros a month.

Or the equivalent! Maybe she'll opt to send antacids in bulk to help with all that pizza consumption.

On the bright side, maybe she can use the "child support" for this pizza diet?

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Court rules man can pay child support with pizza
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