Couple rescued from cliff after sending selfie to authorities

Couple Rescued From Cliff After Sending Selfie To Authorities
Couple Rescued From Cliff After Sending Selfie To Authorities

Selfies have resulted in a number of human casualties, but for a couple in the U.K. one of the photos ended up saving their lives, reports Mashable.

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On Sunday, the duo was out walking in England's Peak District when they found themselves stuck on a cliff.

According to the Derbyshire Times, to help emergency services find and rescue them, the pair sent along a selfie they'd taken earlier in the day's journey.

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The photo combined with a Whatsapp message led the rescuers right to them.

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team posted about the incident on Facebook, noting, 'What made the job slightly more interesting was this was possibly our first callout via 'selfie.'"

Steve Rowe, one of the team members, also commented on the situation, telling the BBC, "Quite a lot of people get into trouble because they rely on technology but this couple were able to use their mobile phone and photos for their benefit..."