Teacher gets the shock of a lifetime when student's nap spot is revealed mid-lecture

The Best Senior Pranks, Class Of 2015 Edition
The Best Senior Pranks, Class Of 2015 Edition

With all the running around that goes hand-in-hand with your average college experience, it's no wonder that students find themselves in desperate need for a little recharging from time to time.

One student did just that, making himself comfortable in a little-known spot on campus, hoping his nap would go unnoticed by his peers.

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The only problem? The student in question chose to make himself a little nest behind a huge projector smack dab in the middle of a lecture.

Captured on video, a professor is seen nervously giving a lecture on storm surges, only to be interrupted by the student's fall from grace.

He then picks him self off the ground, grabs his bag, and exits the classroom as if nothing happened.

"No comment," the professor responds before clicking onto the next slide, acting completely unphased by the interaction.

Rookie move, kid, rookie move.