6 beauty secrets for flawless summer style

6 beauty secrets for flawless summer style

There are some summer beauty tips that are pretty widely known, like protect your skin with a big floppy hat, and stay hydrated with lots of H20. Then there are tips like the ones you'll find below -- totally under the radar -- that only styling professionals know. So we interviewed the best experts and got the goods on everything from the easiest way to keep hair color from fading to awesome makeup application tricks.

1. Skip the Curler for More Natural-Looking Lashes

Heading for a weekend getaway? There's no need to stuff your makeup bag with lots of tools. One easy item to leave behind is your eyelash curler. Celebrity makeup artist Sir John suggests, "Use your fingertips to bend your lashes while they are still wet from mascara to create a slight swoop rather than an aggressive curl."

2. Protect Dyed or Highlighted Hair With Leave-In Conditioner

Salt water and chlorine can wreak havoc on blond hair -- giving golden strands a greenish tinge -- or cause a brunette's coloring to go brassy. Celebrity colorist Kari Hill to the rescue! "If you get your hair wet before diving in, with [fresh] water or leave-in conditioner, any holes in the cuticle will be filled in, keeping salt and chlorine from soaking into your hair shaft," she explains.

3. Swap Your Bronzer Shades

If you've spent all fall and winter mastering the art of strobing, you're in luck. It's a makeup trend with four-season staying power. However, come summer, it's time to switch up your highlight shade. Per Sir John, "Summer strobing is bronzy and light-reflective with gold and rose," as opposed to winter's icier, pastel hues.

4. Use Simple Hairstyling Techniques

Summertime often affords a bit of laziness when it comes to styling your hair, what with towel-dried tresses during weekends poolside or at the beach. So what's the easiest way to maintain high style without hot tools? It's all about the part. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak says, "Even if you have an undone look, the way to make it look and feel more conscious and well done is to perfect the part." In other words, make sure your line -- whether you choose a side or center part -- is straight and clearly defined.

5. Layer Products to Protect Your Lips

Layering is a word you don't often hear in the summer months, but for healthy lips, it's a must. To keep your pucker extra plump, Sir John recommends following this regimen: "Start by removing dead skin with an exfoliating sugar scrub, then use a lightweight eye cream to add moisture, and seal it with lip balm." Now, layer your favorite shade of lipstick atop it all. "The lip color will act as a barrier between the dry and the moisture," he adds.

6. Find the Haircut That Fits Your Hair Texture

No matter which cut is the pinnacle of what's hot in hairstyles –- the pixie, the lob, or something in between -- don't be afraid to forgo the trend and stick with what works for you. For example, all of Hollywood may be rocking "the swag" (a shaggy but still feminine play on Farrah Fawcett layers). But, as Roszak puts it, "It's not [a great haircut] for thick hair that would frizz up easily and be crazy."