These people are unafraid to admit how antidepressants have helped them

There are plenty of ways out there to seek help for depression and other forms of debilitating mental illnesses. There are often stigmas that come along not only with depression but also with the ways people seek treatment, one of which is pharmaceutical help in the form of antidepressants. However, people with the most inspirational stories are those who stepped past those stigmas, and shared the invaluable ways they achieved happiness and self-satisfaction.

Several people fans took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express how they feel about the state of the presidential election.

1. People's opinions go out the window when your happiness is at stake:

I started antidepressants today. I

2. You might even surprise yourself with your positive reaction to antidepressants:


3. Antidepressants aren't pills that take you directly to bliss -- they can simply set you on the right path towards emotional success:

I take antidepressants and it works. I am not alway rainbows and butterflies but I am not a rain cloud either. At least I took action to change my life for the better.

4. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help in the way you need it:


5. Seeking help is often enough in and of itself to assist in getting you to be proud of your accomplishments:

over the past few years, anxiety has taken over my life, and I became depressed. now I

6. You might start to see a light you didn't know you had within you:

I am truly amazed at how big a positive difference my antidepressants are starting to make after several weeks. Wow.

7. Whatever discomfort you have with being medicated is easily trumped by achieved happiness:


8. A depressed you isn't the real you:


9. You might not even know how much help you needed until you get it:

Starting antidepressants. Best decision I have ever made for myself. 10 years of hiding behind out world, here I come!!

10. It's important to find joy in the things that you love:

Today is the first time that I held my son without feeling sad. I

11. Reactions to different sorts of medicines vary:

I waited so long to go on antidepressants because everyone told me I

12. Little things start to be more enjoyable when you're able to appreciate them:

I feel amazing after a few days back on my antidepressants. Sounds corny but I feel like sun shines brighter now.

Here's how to help a loved one dealing with depression:

How to Help Someone with Depression

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