People are borrowing ties from libraries now

The Surprising Item People Are Borrowing from Libraries

By Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

Library traffic is about to pick up -- but it's not books people will be walking out with.

A new service in a few in major metropolitan areas is gaining popularity: Renting out ties.

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Four New York City and one Philadelphia library have added "tiebraries" to their book collection in hopes of helping men dress up for job interviews.

They said they were seeing "a lot of customers, particularly men, who don't have proper interview attire." Since doling out full-on business suits didn't seem practical, a rotating tie service did.

Each tie comes in a box and has a bar code sewn into the back so they can be checked out like a book. On the box is both interview advice and directions on how to make a Windsor knot.

All ties are donated, initially from staff members -- but now, also from businesses.

There are already plenty of options from which women can source work clothing, but this is one of the few catered to men.

Library staff says, "Sometimes customers even wear the tie in the library if they have [a] video interview."

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