Severe storms eye US High Plains on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend Forecast
Memorial Day Weekend Forecast

By Accuweather

Potent thunderstorms will target part of the Plains during a time when many will be outdoors celebrating Memorial Day.

Storms are expected to erupt across western portions of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska on Monday afternoon before pushing eastward during the evening hours.

The severe weather threat zone includes cities such as Bismarck, North Dakota, and Rapid City, South Dakota.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Michael Doll is concerned that any storm that erupts will quickly become severe and produce large hail, damaging winds and torrential downpours.

"Winds from these storms can be strong enough to knock down trees and power lines," Doll added.

Any tents that are being used for outdoor holiday celebrations will want to be firmly secured to the ground.

A more localized area of severe thunderstorms will also target areas along a swath from western Kansas to west-central Texas during Monday afternoon.

Flash flooding will remain a concern in areas that have been hit hard recently by heavy thunderstorms.

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Memorial Day national forecast
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In the midst of Memorial Day ceremonies, cookouts and/or parades, residents will want to keep an eye to the sky as thunderstorms can quickly erupt during a seemingly quiet, sunny day.

Those planning to spend the holiday hiking at Mount Rushmore should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions.

Travelers on the highway may encounter thunderstorms that can drastically change roadway conditions and visibilities.

The threat for damaging thunderstorms will shift slightly eastward on Tuesday.

Residents from Minnesota to Iowa and into central Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas should stay alert to weather bulletins throughout the day.

The central United States may finally get a break from severe weather during the early part of June.

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