Merriam-Webster said the hot dog is a sandwich, and people are furious

Is The Hot Dog A Sandwich? Debate Brews On Internet
Is The Hot Dog A Sandwich? Debate Brews On Internet

It's an age-old debate: is the hot dog — a meat tube resting in a partially-sealed bread pocket — a sandwich?

Would-be sandwich arbiter Merriam-Webster thinks so. And the Internet is not pleased.

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It all started with this haughty tweet, which purported to celebrate all the sandwiches we'll eat over Memorial Day weekend.

But Twitter saw Merriam-Webster's hidden agenda: to settle a debate that just isn't ready to be settled.

Others brought other carb + meat combinations into the mix. What about a taco? A gyro? A quesadilla?

Must the meat lie horizontally? Must there be two separate slices of bread? Does the filling matter, or just the bread configuration?

Will we ever know if a hot dog is really a sandwich? Maybe not — and maybe that's okay.

Maybe we should back away from each other very slowly, drive to the beach or a local park and enjoy our Memorial Day weekends.

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