Here are the 25 highest paid MLB players of 2016

MLB Needs a Salary Cap
MLB Needs a Salary Cap

The only of the four major sports with no form of a salary cap, the top MLB salaries have skyrocketed over recent years -- particularly among the league's top pitchers.

Each of the four highest paid MLB players are starting pitchers, and seven of the highest 10. Among the top 25, nobody is making less than a cool $21 million.

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While they have the best stable of pitchers in baseball, none of the New York Mets' arms rank anywhere near the top 25. All of New York's young aces are on their initial contracts -- making Matt Harvey the highest-paid of them all, clocking in at just over $4.2 million in 2016.

Most other notable aces are well-represented on this list, as you'll surely see for yourself.

Take a stroll through the gallery below to find the highest paid players in baseball this season.

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