Sneaky math puzzle will make you feel like a fool

Hate Math? This App Does It for You
Hate Math? This App Does It for You

Sometimes the solution is right in front of you.

The Internet is obsessed with puzzles — from finding the panda amongst snowmen, a potato in a sea of hamsters or straining our eyes to see a cow in the middle of a red dot.

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Facebook user Antley Lamont Staten shared the latest puzzle to fool the Internet, and the answer is so head-smackingly simple you'll be ashamed of that you stared at it for at least five minutes.

Image: facebook, antley lamont staten

Staten's post was shared by over 382,000 people. Some got the answer right away, but others tried desperately to make sense of the numbers written on the right.

However, this puzzle is sneakier than you would imagine. If you're tired of guessing what is wrong when this image, here is the answer: "mistake" is spelled wrong.

We've all been duped.

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