This 10-month-old baby is chef Gordon Ramsay's doppleganger

This Baby Looks A Lot Like Gordon Ramsay
This Baby Looks A Lot Like Gordon Ramsay

A photo a new mother tweeted of her 10-month-old baby who bears a shocking resemblance to chef Gordon Ramsay has caused quite a stir online.

Claire Dempste, 42, from Cardiff, Wales, shared a photo on Thursday of her and her partner Sonia Tingley's son Ario-Blue -- who, according to Daily Mail, was conceived using a sperm donor -- scowling at the camera like only the son of Ramsay could, along with a joking message suggesting he may be the baby's actual father.

The tweet received over 1,200 shares and and nearly 2,000 likes, but perhaps the best part of this entire thing is that the world's meanest chef even responded to her tweet with a humorous message of his own.

No word yet on if the baby has learned to drop a proper "f-bomb" like his celebrity counterpart, but if he does, the resemblance will only become more uncanny.

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