Man gets bitten by python lurking in a toilet

Man Gets Bitten By Python Lurking In A Toilet
Man Gets Bitten By Python Lurking In A Toilet

Pythons are crafty sorts and can slither into a variety of seemingly impossible places.

Unfortunately for one man in Thailand, that includes toilets.

He was using one in his own home when a roughly 10-foot python reached up from inside the bowl and clamped onto his penis, reports ninemsn.

A struggle ensued, and the very stunned victim was ultimately able to break loose.

However, he did not emerge unharmed.

A significant amount of blood loss occurred, and the man was taken to the hospital.

Luckily, the wound was not serious and a full recovery is anticipated, notes RT.

The python is also doing well.

Removing the creature from the toilet took some time, as the snake had gotten stuck, but before long it was back in the wild.

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