Jet-black coconut ash ice cream is the flavor to try this summer

Pit Bull patiently waits in line for ice cream
Pit Bull patiently waits in line for ice cream

Forget other colors, black is the new black again and this time it's sleek, dark -- and sweet!

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream has created an unusual new flavor with an unexpected hue. No, it's not licorice flavored -- this delectable new treat is called Coconut Ash.

And that special ingredient is how it gets that jet-black color and the sweet coconut flavor.

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You may be wondering, what exactly is coconut ash?

It's the "charred and processed remains of a coconut shell," owner and creator Nick Morgenstern told Mic. "Activated charcoal is just something organic that has been charred and processed with high heat so that it behaves like a filter."

So how in the world did he come up with the idea to turn it into an ice cream flavor?

"I had been monkeying around with coconut ash for a while and then I had this fancy chocolate bar that used coconut ash ... I knew I had to use it. We wanted to put a coconut ice cream on the menu and it all came together," he said.

It does look quite intriguing.