Harvard grad's spoken word speech is inspiring millions

Harvard Grad Delivers An Inspiring Speech
Harvard Grad Delivers An Inspiring Speech

All graduation speeches are meant to inspire and encourage, but one convocation speaker, a graduate himself, has set the bar with a powerful speech that everyone should hear.

Donovan Livingston, a 2016 Masters of Education graduate, gave what Harvard Graduate School of Education is calling "one of the most powerful, heartfelt student speeches" you will ever hear, and they're right.

Livingston's speech wasn't your traditional graduation speech, instead the poet performed a spoken word piece titled "Lift Off."

In the poem, Livingston speaks of the history of injustice in the education system and how future educators can help students overcome.

"Wake up every child so they know of their celestial potential," Livingston told his classmates.

He continued:

I've been a Black hole in the classroom for far too long;
Absorbing everything, without allowing my light escape.
But those days are done. I belong among the stars.
And so do you. And so do they.
Together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness
For generations to come.
No, sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning.
Lift off.

His speech is resonating with millions. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared the poem, writing "Beautiful speech, Donovan. It's young graduates like you who make it clear America's best days are still ahead."

You can watch his full speech below:

You can read the poem in its entirety here.