Building crew in Boston finds a buried 19th century wrecked ship

Building Crew In Boston Finds A Buried 19th Century Wrecked Ship

Large-scale building projects are notorious for running into delays, but, in the case of the construction of an office building in Boston, the cause is, at least, an interesting one.

Last week, a crew digging deep into the earth near Boston Harbor came upon the remains of a 50-foot boat, reports CBS News.

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Work was immediately halted and archaeologists were called in to take a look.

Experts determined the wrecked ship dated back to the mid-to-late 1800s, though how it ended up at the site remains a mystery, notes

Unfortunately, there wasn't any treasure aboard, but there were several barrels of lime, reports CNN.

According to Joe Bagley, a city archaeologist, the vessel may have crashed in a storm and later set on fire by the crew to make it easier to bury.

At this time, it's unclear if even partial preservation will be possible, but documentation efforts are underway.

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