Woman drives mobility scooter through rush-hour traffic

Woman Drives Mobility Scooter Through Rush Hour Traffic
Woman Drives Mobility Scooter Through Rush Hour Traffic

What do you do when your only means of transportation is a mobile scooter, but you've really got somewhere to be? Drive that bad boy through rush-hour traffic, of course.

A couple from Worcestershire spotted a woman cruising down a busy highway on her power-operated vehicle, driving through a roundabout without a care in the world.

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The woman recording the video can be heard giggling as she records the unusual sight as she zooms past her.

Vanessa Hughes originally uploaded the video to Facebook on May 24, saying, "Crazy woman on the ring road in rush hour traffic! God I love kiddy."

While it's definitely a comical sight, many commenters on the video were quick to point out how unsafe the granny's means of transportation was. According to a local resident, "Everyone braked and queued behind her, but I hope she doesn't do this on a regular basis. Very dangerous."

Hey, we get what they're saying, but I think we can all agree -- when you've got somewhere to be, you've got somewhere to be!