This woman took the highlighting beauty trend to a whole new level

How to Highlight Your Face
How to Highlight Your Face

If you search "highlight makeup tutorial" in Youtube, you'll be shocked and amazed to see how many shimmering results pop up on your browser.

While there are tens of thousands of videos out there, none of them outshine beauty vlogger Mariya Lyubashevskaya's, who single-handedly managed to put together an entire look using just highlighting products.

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Before breaking down her transformation into a human disco ball, Lyubashevskaya explains that this is "definitely not a wearable makeup look," and that it was just for "fun."

She begins by applying a skin tinter and light reflector to serve in place of her regular foundation and powder. From there, she begins to pile on various shine-related products, along with a bronzer to make her features pop even more.

And just when you think she couldn't possibly glisten any more, she somehow manages to add another layer of shine.

So just how much does it cost Lyubashevskaya to morph into Queen Midas? $280 bucks.

Makes sense, since the actual price of gold has been falling as of late.

Check out her full look below.