The Strokes have returned with two new songs

Top 10 The Strokes Songs

They're back, baby! The last time the Strokes released new music was in tandem with their fifth album, 2013's Comedown Machine, but today the quintet has officially blessed us with two new tracks. During front man Julian Casablancas's new Sirius XM radio showCulture Void this morning, he surprised listeners with the premiere of the electrifying "OBLIVIUS," which can be streamed exclusively here. A few hours later, British radio host Zane Lowe premiered a second track, the equally rousing "Drag Queen."

It was announced that both songs will be included in the band's upcoming EP, Future Present Past, which will be released on June 3 through Casablancas's Cult Records. An as-yet-released third song, "Threat of Joy," will also be included, along with a remix of "OBLIVIUS" by drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

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