The bizarre contouring trend taking over the internet

Contouring 101
Contouring 101

Ever since Kim Kardashian revealed her highly-coveted tricks to contouring, the beauty world has gone topsy-turvy in trying new methods to get those same sculpted cheekbones and defined facial features.

The queen of beauty, Huda Kattan, taught us how to contour with tape:

Which is pretty much the ultimate foolproof method to contouring -- and a really amazing way to ease into the trend if you are even slightly intimidated by the actual thought of blending.

Then there are those who have taken the trend too far.

Everything from coat hangers to knives (yes you read that right) are being used to sculpt, define and lift.

And if you are even slightly stuck on how to create a perfect cat-eye to compliment your chiseled look, just grab a jalapeño.

Nevertheless, we advise not to try this trend and just stick to Huda's perfect and easy steps to contouring.

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