Someone put glasses on the floor of a museum and people thought it was art

Eyeglasses Placed On Floor Of Modern Art Museum Become An Instant Sensation

Are pranks art? We're thinking yes.

According to a Twitter Moment from Tuesday night, two pranksters — @TJCruda and @k_vinnn — sneakily left a pair of glasses on the floor of a museum.

To clarify, these were just glasses. They were not part of an exhibition.

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Except several passersby thought the spectacles were an installation — and ogled them accordingly.

To be fair, the solitary glasses looked very striking in their simplicity.

And not to get too heady, but pranks seem like pretty solid contenders for performance art. Care to weigh in, Marina Abramović?

Mashable has reached out to the pranksters for comment. Meanwhile, art remains a mysterious beast.

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