Sara Hopkins dishes out incredible advice to aspiring social stars


Sara Hopkins was just your ordinary college student and aspiring broadcast journalist before she became a viral star. She started her Vine account as a way to have fun in moments of what she calls "extreme boredom." It was a move that really paid off. Now Hopkins has almost 1 million followers on the app, over 680 million video views, and was recently nominated for a Shorty Award for the Best Snapchatter of the Year.

And while her full-time Vine career may seem amazing now, she'll be the first person to tell you that it takes a lot of work that goes into building a channel from scratch. But if you aren't afraid by that challenge, she has one incredible piece of advice that can help aspiring social stars reach their goals.

Watch the video above to check out Sara Hopkins reaction to being nominated for a Shorty Award, her favorite part about social media in general, and her incredible words of wisdom to others trying to make it in the industry.

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