Principal's response to critical email about graduation procedures goes viral

18-Year-Old Shot and Killed at Graduation Party
18-Year-Old Shot and Killed at Graduation Party

A Booker T. Washington senior was tragically killed only a week before she was going to graduate high school.

While many have reached out in love and support after the loss of Myneisha Johnson, BTW Principal Alisha Coleman-Kine received an email on Tuesday morning that was nothing short of judgmental. But her response to the email was perfect.

The email read:

"The death of any young person is tragic. But to allow someone else to walk across the stage to accept her diploma is one thing but then give it to her young infant is another.

What are you thinking? The attitude and culture of the inner city youth need to change and doing this it won't' you're acknowledging and celebrating this young child whose mother was tragically killed when in all fairness probably should have been home taking care of that young infant who now has no mother and quite frankly don't know who this father is.

Food for thought."

And here is Coleman-Kine's perfect response, which she posted on Facebook: