Harsh reality behind soft pillows uncovered

The Harsh Reality Behind Soft Pillows

By Amanda Kabbabe and Jordyn Rolling, Buzz60

Few things are as sacred as your bed. One of the best feelings is being able to curl up with a soft blanket and a comfy, down pillow.

However, it's important to know exactly where the materials are coming from.

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Down is actually the light, fluffy undercoating of water fowl. The blankets and pillows made with the material come at a cost that may be higher than the cash price you paid.

Recently, PETA activists headed to China, which is the producer of 80 percent of the world's down. They hoped to see live-plucking phased out, but unfortunately found something much different.

Undercover activists were faced with a horrifying sight, where geese were being restrained and put through horrible treatment.

While the birds were still alive, workers pulled their feathers and entire undercoating off.

Yes, the birds felt everything, and they were left bare and wounded.

While most retailers and their suppliers do follow voluntary standards for humane down collection, PETA linked a few big American companies to live-plucking.

PETA encourages these companies to ditch the feathers altogether and opt for synthetic fibers instead.

Still, many argue the fake feathers simply do not feel the same.

So, it's a toss-up: Sleep at night, cuddling a one-of-a-kind down pillow, or rest easy knowing no geese were tortured at the expense of your comfort.

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