Decomposed human torso washes up on Bay Area shore

Decomposed Human Torso Washes Up On Bay Area Shore
Decomposed Human Torso Washes Up On Bay Area Shore

On Wednesday, a construction worker on a job near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge made a rather disturbing discovery, reports KPIX.

A human torso in an advanced state of decay had washed up on the rocks.

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According to KNTV, the Oakland Police Department is investigating, but thus far has not been able to identify the victim or determine a cause of death.

Among the many challenges in doing so is the absence of a head, arms, and legs, notes KRON.

Further, authorities believe the torso had spent about a month in the water and a few days on the rocks.

Johnna Watson, a police spokesperson, said, "The more time a body's in the water the more it's apt to be exposed to all the different elements."

The coroner has determined that the remains are those of a young male and thus far no evidence of trauma has been observed.