Contestants from Texas, NY state co-champs of US Spelling Bee

The National Spelling Bee Words Get Harder Every Year
The National Spelling Bee Words Get Harder Every Year

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., May 26 (Reuters) - Nihar Janga, a fifth-grader from Austin, Texas, and Jairam Hathwar, a seventh-grader from Painted Post, New York, were declared co-champions of the U.S. Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday.

The pair battled head to head for 25 rounds in the finals. They ended co-winners when Jairam, 13, correctly spelled 'feldenkrais', a method of education, and Nihar, 11, aced 'gesellschaft', a type of social relationship.

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"I can't say anything. I'm just in fifth grade," Nihar said after sharing the title and thanking his mother.

The tie is the third in a row in the Bee, a U.S. institution since 1925, and comes despite the contest introducing tougher rules this year to avoid another deadlock. Jairam and Nihar will each receive a $40,000 cash prize.

They are the ninth consecutive victors of South Asian ancestry, and the 12th in 16 years. Jairam's brother Sriram was the 2014 co-champion.

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