9 best Memorial Day deals you won't find in stores

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9 Best Memorial Day Deals You Won't Find in Stores: Memorial Day is a great time to shop if you are looking to find cheap summer clothing before summer is in full swing. Everything else you really want is cheaper and more convienient to buy online instead of dealing with the crowds and lines in stores. If you want electronics or tools the team over at TechBargains has found 9 awesome sale items some of which are cutting edge that you won't find anywhere in-store. Not so coincidentally many of these items also make perfect Father's Day gifts as well: from TVs, home improvements and tools to other great electronics. These prices can't be beat.

50" Samsung J6200 LED Smart HDTV + $150 Gift Card $499.99 (Orig $949.99)

This large Samsung TV is effectively only $350 after you use up that $150 gift card on anything Dell sells. You can get anything from games, monitors & other electronics with that gift card. Getting a Samsung 50" at $350 is a steal and you cannot get anything around that size without going to an off name brand and suffering through quality issues. Includes built-in WiFi for Smart TV functions like web browsing or Netflix. Don't be fooled by the price as this TV gets very strong reviews on Amazon. If you don't need such a huge TV, Dell also offers a 40" Samsung with a $100 Gift Card for only $350. Be sure to check out all the other Memorial Day Deals at Dell.

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush $129.97 (Orig $219.97)

Do we really need another Smart Internet of Things item? Do we need a Smart Toothbrush? We're not completely sure but this is the same price as their 5000 series Pro toothbrush so you basically get all the additional functionality at the same price. The Philips app will track your brushing habits real time and look at your trends time. A nifty timer will help you to ensure you are spending the adequate amount of time. If you use the app you can ensure you are spending an adequate amount of time on each quadrant of your mouth. A new pressure sensor feature will even sense when you are applying too much pressure and causing damage to your gums. Be sure to clip the $20 coupon to get the extra savings.

HooToo Security & Surveillance HD Camera $39.99 (Orig $99.99)

If you are looking to set up a monitor to watch a dog, use as a baby monitor or make your own surveillance system then this $30 camera is an excellent place to start. Hootoo has made it easy to set up these wireless cameras with a simple app and a scannable QR code on each camera. In terms of features this has it all: 720p HD video quality, night vision, built-in email alerts on motion detection, a mic to pick-up sound and a speaker for you to respond to babies or animals. You can also record directly onto a flash memory card. This camera carries a ton of value for only $30. We typically see other comparable brands with the same feature for sale at $60. A more high end camera such as Dropcam will definitely run you well over $100. The HooToo is a far better value and gives you the ability for set up multiple cameras for under $100.

EC Technology Portable USB Battery Pack (22,400mAh) $18.99 (Orig $45)

Use code 4J5D66OH to drop the price down to $33. If you are planning on traveling or are away from a power outlet frequently than this portable USB Battery if for you. It has enough juice to recharge an iPhone 6 Plus 5-times. No small feat considering how bit the 6 plus battery is. This battery has 3 USB ports to simultaneously recharge multiple devices and super convenient to share. At under $20 this is a serious no brainer purchase.

Xbox One 1TB Super Bundle with 5-Games, 2x Controllers & $50 Amazon Gift Card $369.99 (Orig $449.99)

This is THE BEST deal we've seen seen on the larger capacity 1TB Xbox One console. This bundle includes a bonus controller (two total) and a bonus $50 Amazon gift card. If you buy as much stuff off Amazon as you can pretty much consider the gift card cash. This also includes two popular games, the Forza Horizon 2 and the Limited Edition Halo 5, which includes some bonus collectibles and in-game content. Lastly, there are 3 excellent games such as Rare Replay, the popular Gears of War as well as Ori & the Blind Forest. All said and done there is over $100 in bonuses before you even include the $50 gift card.

Philips Hue Lux 60W 2-Bulb Wireless Starter Kit $39.99 (Orig $79.99)

Control your lights without ever touching the switch. This Philips wireless starter kit is 50% off and includes 2 wireless bulbs and the wireless bridge to control them. You can control the light intensity of each bulbs and turn them off and on all through the Philips app. Even better, if you have an Amazon Echo along with a home automation controller you can turn them off and one with a command.

Best Price Mattress King Memory Foam Mattress $307.79 (Orig $399.99)

Memorial Day is a fantastic time to buy a mattress but no matter how good those deals are, we've found one to trump them all. The price on this King Size memory foam mattress cannot be beat for only $300. For $300 you can barely get a twin sized inner spring set. This isn't a cheap mattress that will last you a few months either. It comes backed by a 10-year warranty. The foam is constructed of 6.5 inches of high density foam for support and two additional layers of foam for comfort. Many Amazon reviews from previous Tempurpedic owners say its a favorable comparison and any difference is likely minimal especially when you are comparing a few hundred dollars against a few thousand dollars spent.

GreenWorks Twin Force G-Max 40V Cordless 20" Lawn Mower $288.99 (Orig $399)

Imagine mowing your lawn without all the loud noise, noxious fumes or even dealing with gas. Greenwork's electric lawn mower removes all of the hassle. It's lightweight, cuts grass cleanly, and is basically a dream to use compared to a gas mower. Includes two batteries and most reviews have enough juice to last them anywhere from 1/4 to to 1/3 of an acre (depending on the thickness of your grass). This is a best seller over at Amazon with over 1400 reviews to back it up.

Sonos Play:1 Streaming Music Speaker + 10% Amazon Gift Card $199

Sonos speakers rarely go on sale and we believe Sonos does a good job making sure their products don't go below a certain price. Amazon has a way around it by giving you 10% back in the form of an Amazon gift card to give you a round about discount while keeping Sonos happy. These Sonos are easy to set-up, have excellent sound quality, can be controlled from your phone or tablet and the look great around the hosue. They can be grouped together to play the same music in different rooms or create zones with different music. You can even combine two to create stereo sound. The 10% Amazon gift card is one of the best and only discounts they offer year round.

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