Summer Beauty Awards: Meet the judges

Summer Beauty Awards - Meet the Judges
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Summer Beauty Awards: Meet the judges

Bonjour Blue

Samantha loves writing about fashion, design and anything life throws at her. 

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Coco is redefining the millennial woman's experience and sharing her personal style, beauty tips, health journey and travel adventures. 

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The Middle Closet

The Middle Closet aims to reflect creators Hailey and Paige's style, which they describe as classic, timeless and simple. They hope to be relatable and provide looks easy to imitate, with a focus on quality over quantity (which doesn't necessarily mean expensive).

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Kelly Zugay

Kelly's passion for balanced living makes her lifestyle blog a go-to resource for attainable inspiration in lifestyle, beuaty, wellness and more! 

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Spicy Candy DC

Spicy Candy DC covers a vast number of topics ranging from style picks and beauty must-haves to the people and places that inspire creators Carla and Kat. It is written from their personal and unique perspective highlighting only the content they truly love.

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Donna Daily

Donna Kim is a multimedia journalist and digital strategist for lifestyle brands and magazines. She created as a creative outlet to inspire others to live their most brilliant and beautiful life.

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Oh So Glam

Oh So Glam is an online destination for all things style. Christina's dad always told her she was a girl with “champagne taste on a beer budget.” Sure, she splurges on the occasional it-bag, but she’s also a firm believer that you don’t need to be decked out in designer duds to feel GLAM. A few staple pieces can go a long way. And some lipstick never hurt.

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The Party of Two

The Party of Two is a website dedicated to the personal street style and mental musing of twin sisters, Ashley and Katie Hess. Fancying themselves as sartorial rebels among Boston conservatives, the two aim to provide a fresh and humorous approach to style.

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Adore to Adorn

Nancy is a personal style blogger with a new lifestyle surrounding around a new baby.

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Boho Chic Cafe

Boho Chic Cafe is a home for style that runs in many different directions - traveling, exploring, entertaining, creating, fashion, and life. 

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Sequins at Breakfast

Laura Mueseler has been working in the fashion industry for over 8 years and has a keen sense of style and an insiders perspective of the industry. 

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Alicia Tenise

Alicia Tenise is a life + style blog written by Alicia T. Chew. Alicia is a girl about town who's always seeking out the latest and greatest in fashion, nightlife, and culture. Join Alicia as she shares her personal style, fashion finds and adventures in and around the Nation's capital. 

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Style By Danika

For Dankia, style isn't just about whats hanging in your closet but how you put your own personalized stamp on life. She calls this "DIY-ing Your life" and her blog is filled with posts on how you can do just that!

Check her out at!

Lace and Combat Boots

Lace and Combat Boots is a whimsical and welcoming online destination that encourages women to dress like they mean it. LACB readers are women in their twenties who want it all; they want to be well-dressed, well-spoken and well-received anywhere they go.

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Impossibly Imperfect

Impossibly Imperfect is about celebrating a beautiful life … flaws, imperfections, laughter and all.

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Simply Sabrina

Simply Sabrina is a blog that documents Sabrina's personal style evolution and tidbits that influence her daily life. 

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Metropolitan Thread

Metropolitan Thread is a creative outlet for Kendal that allows her to express her love for fashion, design, and photography. 

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Hallways Are My Runways

Hallways Are My Runways showcases Peggy’s ever-evolving unique and eclectic personal style, fashion and photography. She is known for mixing high and low brands and accessorizing on a budget.

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The Peak of Très Chic

Samantha Penner is the founder and editor of the style blog, The Peak of Très Chic, where she explores her love of good design, fashion, entertaining, travel, and pieces of her own life.

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Birdie Shoots

Birdie Shoots is your west-coast destination for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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That's Just Fabulous

Faith lives in Washington DC. Her career is based in design and her blog is a creative extension of her work and a documentation of the things she loves. 

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Sensible Stylista

Kim loves to blog about fashion, beauty, and fitness. She's all about looking fab on a budget and takes great pride in her bargain-shopping skills. 

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The Style Boro

Aileen is a twenty-something native New Yorker and an ex-model (maybe you've seen her in Teen Vogue or W magazine). She has an extensive background in film and reality television (styling department) before transitioning into the fun world of creative advertising. 

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Currently Coveting

Erin is a lover of fashion, food, beauty, and furry creatures. She worked briefly as a Make-Up Artist for Bobbi Brown.

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The Egg Out West

Meagan takes style notes from those she meets and the beautiful places she has seen.

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The Hip Suburban

Emily is a shopping addict, boutique fitness class junkie, foodie, avid reader, and celebrity gossip enthusiast with a severe case of wanderlust.

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The Fashion Poet

Annie Vazquez is a fashion, travel and beauty expert and journalist who has been coined as one of the pioneers of Miami’s fashion blogging community.

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Amy Beth Campbell

Amy Beth Campbell is passionate about interiors, entertaining, personal style, beauty, all thing blue & white, monograms, showing herself grace… and blogging her way through it all!

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Sequins Are A Girl's Best Friend

Kelsey and Erica are twenty-something bloggers living in the heart of downtown Chicago. The best part about their blog is that there are two of them — two minds, two ideas, two outfits behind every post!

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Nomad Luxuries

NoMad Luxuries is a source of inspiration that covers everything from travel and interior decor to style and food. Yana hopes to encourage people to celebrate the little luxuries in their everyday life.

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A Sparkle Factor

Stephanie is a Miami-based style expert and fashion blogger. Sparkle enthusiast. Your Stylish BFF. Lover of affordable fashion, iced coffees and a red lip.

Check her out at

Belle in the City

Belle in the City is a North Carolina DIY + Lifestyle blog. Follow along as Sarah shares posts about life, fashion, and everything in between..with a little southern flare added. 

Check her out at!


This season's beauty awards will highlight some of the best summer beauty products on the market. Whether it is self-tanner, waterproof makeup, sea salt spray or the best nail color, we will help you decide which products are worth your money.

Although we would love to try out every new product ourselves, we've asked some of our Lifestyle Collective bloggers to step in and help us out! They will be reviewing more than 100 great products and sharing their favorites.

Before we roll out the product winners over the next couple of weeks, meet the bloggers who will be playing judge. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and geographical locations, they've all got one thing in common: a passion for beauty! Check out the Beauty Awards page over the next few weeks for product reviews and rankings!

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