Puppy has the most hilarious and bizarre reaction to wearing bunny suit

Puppy Wears Trainers and Walks Hilariously
Puppy Wears Trainers and Walks Hilariously

There are usually two ways most dogs react when their humans dress them up; they don't seem to mind and play along or they do everything they can to get the clothes or other accessories off. But this little puppy had a totally different reaction -- and it's hilarious.

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In the short, 14-second video, the cute canine is all dressed up in a pink bunny suit and one of his owners holds the camera and calls him over saying, "Come my little bunny!"

The other human, who's holding her hands around the pup, lets go. The dog takes half a step then stiffens his legs and topples over and just lays there as if he's been frozen solid.

His human picks him up again and gets him set upright. The owner behind the camera calls him again, and for the second time he locks up and plops over to the other side with the cutest little confused expression. Needless to say the owners are cracking up over their puppy's antics.

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Maybe the little puppy is confused and thinks he's not supposed to move, or maybe he's just embarrassed that his owners have dressed him up in a silly outfit?

Either way, nearly 100,000 people have watched the clip already, and it's bound to make you chuckle.

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