Minor league manager loses his mind and drop-kicks a base during argument

Red Sox OF Jackie Bradley Jr. extends hitting streak to 28 games
Red Sox OF Jackie Bradley Jr. extends hitting streak to 28 games

Joe Mikulik has done it again. The minor league manager who has had several arguments go viral in his career, lost his mind once again.

On Tuesday night, umpires reversed a call after huddling together and enforced baseball's new rule on sliding into second base. The reversal meant an inning-ending double-play for the Tulsa Drillers as the umpires ruled that a Frisco RoughRiders runner did not slide directly into the second-base bag.

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That's when Mikulik, the RoughRiders' manager, lost it. He immediately stormed out of the dugout, got into the face of the umpires, and then threw his helmet towards second base.

This earned Mikulik an ejection, but he wasn't done. In fact, he was just warming up.

Later in the argument, Mikulik twice slid into second base to demonstrate what he felt had happened. He then picked up second base and drop-kicked it. He then kicked his helmet.

As the announcers and the Dallas Morning News point out, this is pretty typical for Mikulik. Of the several incidents he has had through the years, is one from 2006 when he argued with the home-plate umpire by demonstrating the ump's techniques, slamming the rosin bag, and then taking a long, slow walk through the outfield.

Here is the full video for his most recent ejection.

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