Marvel makes Captain America a villain, internet freaks out

Marvel Talks Making Captain America a Hydra Plant in New Comic
Marvel Talks Making Captain America a Hydra Plant in New Comic

One of the most trusted heroes in the comic book world is "Captain America," but it turns out Steve Rogers is a secret Hydra operative — and the Internet can't handle it.

On Wednesday morning, "Captain America: Steve Rogers #1" went on sale, in which the Marvel writers reveal that Captain America actually supports the Nazi organization as opposed to being against it.

According to Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort, the idea was pitched by writer Nick Spencer as part of "restoring Steve to his youth and vigor."

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"Issue 2 kind of winds the clock back a little bit and lays out exactly how and why things are the way they are," he told Time. "And it lays out a roadmap for where things are headed in the future. At this point, I don't want to say too much definitively because I want people to read the comic books. But people will be able to connect the dots and follow the trail of breadcrumbs."

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Brevoort added that this idea has been around for over a year.

"It means on the most fundamental level that the most trusted hero in the Marvel universe is now secretly a deep-cover Hydra operative, a fact that's really only known to the readers and to him," he said." That makes every interaction he has with anyone take on a second layer, a second meaning."

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Fans on social media were so quick to respond to the reveal that the hashtag, #SayNoToHYDRACap was born on Wednesday morning, with which fans expressed their disgust and shock.

"75 years of character development flushed down the toilet for shock value," tweeted one user.

"#SayNoToHYDRACap because it's absolutely disgusting and horrific not to mention crushing for devoted comic book fans," tweeted another.

One fan also threatened to "not buy anything from Marvel until they take this back."

See the reactions tweets below.