How this trainer's struggle with body image changed her life for the better

Rebecca Lousie's road to recovery has been the inspirational push for hundreds of thousands to be healthy, both mentally and physically. Lousie, who moved to California in 2011, grew up with a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals. Motivated by her own personal struggle with anorexia, the young fitness guru set out to share what she's learned about healthy living to the masses.

Since then, Rebecca Louise started her own YouTube fitness channel, which shows viewers how to sculpt and tone their bodies. Louise's philosophy is simple: fitness can be fun. Not only is she there cheering you on the entire time you're working out, but so is her adorable puppy Alphie, who regularly makes cameos during her videos. Her high-intensity and charismatic approach to working out has captured the attention of over 7 million viewers on YouTube alone, and has helped countless people take control of their health.

But more importantly, she positions herself as a friend and confidant to millions of people around the world. For anyone needing an extra (and friendly) push into the world of healthy living, Louise has your back.

We recently caught up with the viral trainer to talk about her fitness journey, what it's been like for her running a fan-favorite YouTube channel, and more!

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When did you first realize your love of fitness and healthy living?
I'm originally from England -- my accent probably gives that away -- so when I was living in England, I was into any sport I could get my hands on. I used to skip learning languages in school to go play sports on the field. I've always been involved in activities; I was the captain at school for different sports teams. And my brother is actually a professional soccer player in England. Being part of that team philosophy of helping other people and encouraging them was big for me. When I moved to America, I actually came here to fly planes. So I got my commercial pilot license out of Long Beach airport. And it was amazing -- I never thought in any world I would be able to fly planes. I loved it, but it was ultimately not my passion. I realized that my passion was being around people and being in that team atmosphere.

So when I moved to California, I just started doing auditions and things out here, and one of the things I went for was to be a fitness instructor on a YouTube channel. I was super excited to even be in the running. I always loved hosting too, so the combination of hosting and doing fitness ended up being great. I really wanted to interact with the viewers and bring them that team philosophy that I grew up with. So I was on this YouTube channel and it went crazy. And then just randomly after a year of filming they stopped. And people kept asking for these videos and I thought I can't just stop this.

After a year, people kept constantly asking me for new videos. Then I had the guts about a year ago to launch my own channel. And I just thought, I'm going to do it and see what happens and if it doesn't work it doesn't. And now it's growing almost a million views a month. So I'm really glad that I did put the videos out there again.

You also struggled in the past with an eating disorder. How did that shape your journey?
I'm a trained ballet dancer, and I think especially in the dancing world there's an emphasis on what you look like. So at 16 or 17 years old I found it very difficult to be in that environment and I found that the only thing I could really control was my eating. So I dropped to like 86 pounds and I had no energy. I felt awful. And now I know how important it is to eat good food and being nourished. When I was growing up society really focused on being a size 0. And I'm glad that's now changed to a focus on being healthy.

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