Former Knicks coach Derek Fisher and ex-wife to destroy frozen embryos as per new divorce agreement

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Former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher's divorce with ex-wife Candace Fisher is finally complete -- and TMZ has unveiled the details of their agreement.

First things first: There's a ton of money involved. Fisher, who racked in more than $63 million as a player and over eight figures for a year-and-a-half coaching stint with the Knicks, is now required to pay $1.3 million per year in spousal support -- to go along with $15,000 per month in child support. The two have twin 9-year-old sons.

It's a lot of money. But it's not even close to being the most jaw-dropping item in the agreement.

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According to TMZ, Fisher and his ex-wife will need to destroy embryos that they'd frozen and saved over their 10 years of marriage.

Fisher first filed for divorce in March 2015, and has since sparked a relationship with Gloria Govan -- the mother of Matt Barnes' two sons. Barnes and Fisher infamously got into a physical altercation over Govan and Barnes' sons before this NBA season.

Fisher, who still has money coming in from the Knicks as a result of getting fired in the second season of a five-year contract, shouldn't have much trouble coming up with the money. The embryo situation, though -- only Fisher knows exactly how he'll react to that news.

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