Celebrities on their very first red carpets -- Try not to laugh!

Eva Mendes Wore a $6 Dress to Her First Red Carpet
Eva Mendes Wore a $6 Dress to Her First Red Carpet

Celebrities get a ton of perks, like free designer garb and beauty experts on hand to keep them in tip-top, photo-ready shape. But before they reached blockbuster fame or multiple-platinum fortune, stars were nabbing their first gigs and walking their first red carpets -- sans glam squad.

We tracked down the celebrities' first photographed red carpets -- and while some up and comers look exactly the same, a lot has definitely changed for many Hollywood mainstays who have been around for what feels like forever. Seriously, Eva Mendes wore a $6 dress. (Watch the video above to learn more about her surprising fashion choice.)

Click through the slideshow below to see an array of stars like The Rock, Rihanna and Meryl Streep on their very first red carpets. Full warning: It may be hard to contain your giggles.

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