If Ben Affleck wants to win Jennifer Garner back, he's not trying hard enough

Ben Affleck Wants Jennifer Garner Back?
Ben Affleck Wants Jennifer Garner Back?

Earlier this month, People reported that Ben Affleck was putting his gambling, vaping, nanny-canoodling ways behind him in order to win Jennifer Garner back. How's he doing? According to a recent item in the Miami Herald, not well.

The paper reported this bit of gossip yesterday:

A Miami Uber driver who recently drove Ben Affleck (he swears it was him!)and a young blonde woman from The Standard to Miami International Airport last Sunday says all did not appear well in Affleck's love life. He told Scene in the Tropics that the actor-director was very 'surly,' and it was obvious that the two passengers had been arguing. A source at the hotel says they have no recollection of Affleck being there, but another source says, "It was under a different name and very on the down low."

So, Ben Affleck potentially hooked up with a (1) young, (2) blonde, (3) woman two weekends ago in Miami. And then he insisted on taking an Uber to the airport, to be rude.

Maybe the Uber driver was mistaken, but Ben Affleck definitely needs more time for self-improvement.

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