Abused heavily-matted dog receives badly needed care

Abused Heavily-Matted Dog Receives Badly Needed Care
Abused Heavily-Matted Dog Receives Badly Needed Care

Personnel at Chicago's Trio Animal Foundation recently shared the dramatic transformation of a stray dog named Buddy on Facebook.

On Friday, the Foundation received a call about a heavily matted dog that needed emergency care.

Once the shelter received the dog they realized just how bad of a condition he was in. "No words that could possibly express the neglect and abuse that Buddy has gone through," the Facebook post states -- noting that it is a miracle that he is still alive.

Months of neglect led to Buddy's fur becoming so matted that it formed a cocoon-like structure around his torso and legs, preventing air circulation to his skin. As a result, Buddy's skin became thin -- almost paper like.

See photos of the dramatic transformation below:

The post noted that this Buddy's case is one of the worst the shelter has ever seen.

Currently, Buddy is hospitalized on IV pain medication, IV antibiotics and IV fluids. He has an appetite and is able to eat food on his own but the shelter reports Buddy will need more support to make a full recovery.

You can contribute to Buddy's care through the Trio Animal Foundation's website.