A classic '90s crime movie is getting turned into a TV show

Rewind: 'Get Shorty' Rare Footage
Rewind: 'Get Shorty' Rare Footage

The gangster comedy "Get Shorty" will be the latest movie to get the TV show treatment.

The adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel that starred John Travolta, Danny DeVito, Gene Hackman, and Rene Russo was a big hit when it came out in 1995. The premise of tough-guy gangsters up against Hollywood wanna-be tough guys had a great mix of comedy, drama, and romance.

Now cable channel Epix thinks it can take those elements to make a great TV series.

Executive produced by Davey Holmes ("Shameless," "In Treatment"), the show will follow Miles Daly, former muscle for a Nevada crime family, who moves out to Hollywood to become a movie producer.

A little different spin on Leonard's story, which followed Miami mobster Chili Palmer as he goes to LA to collect a debt and sticks around to sell a movie script.

"Get Shorty" has a lifetime gross of over $115 million and spawned the sequel "Be Cool."

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