World's worst boyfriend put chili on his girlfriend's tampon, and well, you know the rest

Funny April Fools' Day Pranks

UPDATE: It appears the video has been removed from Facebook in light of all the backlash it has received.

Original text:

We hope this video is fake.

We really hope this video is fake.

We hope this video is fake, because as far as prank videos go, to put anything with the word "chili" in it anywhere near anyone's vagina is the definition of viral cruelty.

"It's Jen's time of the month so I'm going to play a little trick on her and give her a hot vagina," social media person Brade Holmes tells the camera.

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"I'm going to rub this chilli on to this tampon and see what happens."

Fans of Holmes didn't seem to find it very funny and commented how messed up it was for him to put his girlfriend in harm's way in such a manner.

"This is either a really shitty video that is entirely fake, or that you are an unintelligent, uneducated cock," one Facebook user writes.

"Either way, you still look like a dick."

We agree.

Brad Holmes

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