Woman repulsed after finding unwanted 'crunch' inside pre-packaged salad

Woman repulsed after finding unwanted 'crunch' inside pre-packaged salad

There is usually nothing more pleasing that finding crunchies in your salad -- ESPECIALLY ones you didn't have to pay $2 to add on.

Unfortunately for one British woman, a recent crispy she found in her lunch didn't turn out to be the usual bonus croutons.

Donna Lang tweeted a video of a squirming earwig she spotted in her pre-packaged Tesco meal with the caption, "This is what I found in my ready to eat garden salad bowl."

Naturally, Tesco was extremely apologetic about the incident, responding to Lang's video with their own four-part tweet saga saying they'd "like to send this to our supplier to investigate how this happened and prevent this happening again."

As if you needed the confirmation, Lang did not, in fact, end up eating the bug.

It may be called a "garden" salad bowl, but from now on, maybe it'd be for the best if some of the garden was left out.

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