Waitress brought to tears by generous tip and handwritten note left by grieving customer

Grieving Customer Leaves Generous Tip, Kind Note for New York Waitress
Grieving Customer Leaves Generous Tip, Kind Note for New York Waitress

New York City waitress Becky Nielsen was brought to tears this weekend when a grieving customer left her a generous tip along with a touching handwritten note on her receipt.

Nielsen had just finished serving the regular customer on Friday at the "Breakfast Spot" in Cohoes, NY when she returned to the table to pick up the check, according to WTEN.

Though the customer ordered a cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich, it's what she left behind that the waitress will never forget: A 350 percent tip on a $22 bill, and a meaningful piece of advice.

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The restaurant has since shared a photo of the receipt on its Facebook page, which has been shared over 200 times.

"This is the kind of stuff you only read online, but it happened this morning in our restaurant from a loyal customer," Breakfast Spot's post ironically began, as you amongst others are now reading about their story on the internet.

"Congratulations to our server Becky, and a big special thanks to our customers generosity."

Becky told WTEN she's been on the verge of tears ever since the encounter.

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The customer reportedly left before Nielsen had a chance to say thank you for the gift, but planned to spend the money in the spirit it was given by treating her friends and boyfriend to a fun night out, according to WTEN.

"Just thank you, and I hope it gets better from here on out for her," she said.