Trump believes in climate change -- for business

BREAKING: Trump's golf resort wall collapses
BREAKING: Trump's golf resort wall collapses

For years, Donald Trump has been toeing the GOP line on climate change, tweeting at us all that it's a "con job," a "hoax" and, of course, "sad!" Those tweets usually came in the middle of a cold weather snap or snowstorm, singular weather events that Trump cited as evidence that the Earth isn't getting any warmer.

But the presumptive Republican nominee is a little more worried about climate change when it comes to his own businesses. Politico reported today that his Trump International Golf Links Ireland applied for a permit to build a seawall to minimize the effects of rising sea levels "as a result of global warming" on its Doonbeg golf course. Trump's campaign did not respond to request for comment on his apparent, and selective, change of heart.

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When Trump first purchased the course and resort in 2014, a press release noted the property fronted two-and-a-half miles of the Atlantic Coast. The Trump Organization has been working to protect that frontage ever since, arguing that without a wall, it would be washed away by rising sea levels and increasingly frequent extreme storms, which have plagued the course and caused significant damage. Conservationists have called for the area to remain protected, citing the presence of a thriving population of Narrow-mouthed whorl snails, a protected species, as well as its dune system.

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Trump is consistent, insofar as his interest in the effects of climate change only seems to extend so far as his ability to make money in spite of it. Trump has opposed the construction of wind farms off the coast of his Doonbeg course and another course on the Scottish coast, saying the clean energy that would power thousands of homes would also ruin the view for his guests.

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