Tiny home communities for eco-lovers

Living Large in Tiny Houses
Living Large in Tiny Houses

Moving from a standard-size home into a tiny house might seem odd — especially if the tiny home is less than 400 square feet in size. But, the tiny house movement is in full effect, with many people opting for these tiny homes to save money and adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

"The biggest driving factor behind people adopting tiny homes is cost," said Dan Louche, founder of Tiny Home Builders, which sells and manufactures tiny home guides, plans and materials to get started. "The second is simplicity, and the third is eco-friendliness. Regardless of which reason gets you into a tiny home, you get to reap the benefits of all of them."

If you're conscious about the environment, a tiny house might be for you. Not only can a tiny house help you lower your energy use — and therefore some of your expenses — but some tiny house villages and communities offer eco-friendly amenities, too. So whether you want to live in a tiny house permanently, stay at a tiny house resort or just see what a tiny home looks like in person, here are some eco-friendly options.

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