Suspected moonshine poisoning leaves 1 man dead

Suspected moonshine poisoning causes death
Suspected moonshine poisoning causes death

One man is dead and three people have been hospitalized after suspected moonshine poisoning in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

According to police four people went to the hospital after they drank some type of fluid at their Muskogee home, reports News on 6.

Neighbors said the group was drinking what appeared to be moonshine before they started feeling sick.

Colton Hooper, 23, was pronounced dead at the hospital and three others were treated.

The ABLE Commission, which oversees alcohol-related crime, is investigating this incident along with the police.

Investigators are awaiting test results from the liquid the four people drank, along with the report from the medical examiner before they can determine what the liquid is and if it caused the death of Hooper.

"That's something they are looking into, but, again, until we get some concrete results back, it's tough for us to say," Muskogee officer Lincoln Anderson told News on 6.

Although authorities aren't positive the liquid caused the death, they warn people to beware of moonshine.

"So if you have it, get rid of it, don't drink it. You don't know where it came from, you don't know if it's safe, it's just that simple," Anderson said, "moonshine is illegal, plain and simple."

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