NBA Draft prospect narrowly escapes death after Uber car blows into pieces

Everything to Gain: Preparing for the NBA Draft
Everything to Gain: Preparing for the NBA Draft

Brannen Greene, a 21-year-old out of Kansas, is training after entering his name into the NBA Draft. According to experts, his pro future is bleak and he may not even be drafted on June 23. But today, that's the farthest thing from Greene's mind.

Greene's draft preparation has been taking place in White Plains, NY, and after flying to Los Angeles last week, he returned to New York to resume the workout process. On Friday, the Uber car he was riding in was struck from behind so hard that -- according to Greene's father -- the vehicle went airborne and struck the bottom of an overpass.

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Greene and the driver were both able to climb out of the car once it landed back on the ground. Moments later, the car burst into flames and exploded.

"The police said Brannen should not have survived," his father told the Kansas City Star. "He walked away from it with a terrible headache, all-over body aches, but for the most part, he's just dealing with mental trauma. To think he survived this ... He said when the car got hit, he felt like he was sleeping, dreaming. He said, 'I could see all this fire and it was getting hot.' He said, 'I've got to get out. I couldn't get out. I couldn't find my seatbelt and the wraps. I got scared. I finally hit it and the seat belt came loose. I jumped out the window and started running. Five seconds later, it sounded like a bomb.'"

Greene, born and raised in Georgia, used Twitter shortly after the incident to let everyone know he was healthy and to express thanks for the thoughts and support.

Greene averaged 4.6 points per game over his three years in college, but more importantly shot 42.2 percent from three-point range. Perhaps a team will take a shot on him as a specialist either in the draft or as an undrafted free agent.

Regardless of his basketball future, Greene is definitely fortunate.

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