Man arrested after being caught cooking meth during police chase

Man Arrested After Being Caught Cooking Meth During Police Chase
Man Arrested After Being Caught Cooking Meth During Police Chase

A man was arrested in Knightstown, Indiana after being caught red handed cooking meth during a police chase.

Michael Cunningham was being investigated by police, when he sped off and instigated the chase, Fox 59 reports.

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Once the officers caught Cunningham after the short chase they found a one-pot meth lab, in which Cunningham was using to actively making the drug.

"Anytime meth is being made, it's very dangerous. It's explosive whether it's being made in a home or in the woods or vehicle. It's dangerous," a state trooper who asked not to be identified, told Fox 59.

These one pot meth labs, plastic bottles filled with dangerous chemicals, are not uncommon authorities say.

"That's the most prevalent. There are a couple ways to make meth but the one pot is the most common that we've seen," said the trooper.

Investigators find them almost everywhere, including along roads, in ditches, and in parking lots -- but they advise the general public to never pick up the bottles as they could explode.

The suspect, Michael Cunningham, was also wanted in a separate county for domestic battery charges.

When police searched his found they found a larger meth lab and even more chemicals to make drugs with.

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