Here's what people earn in every US state

Income Inequality: The Shrinking of the American Dream

A study from, a credit repair company, looked at data from the US Census Bureau on the median income by state in the US.

Findings highlighted the lack of distribution of wealth in the country.

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At the top of the list is Maryland with the highest median income at $75,165. At the bottom is Mississippi where the median income is $35,521. (That's a difference of $40,644 a year!)

The median income is generally higher in Northern states than it is in Southern states. In fact, nearly every Southern state fell on the low end of the income scale. But according to the US Census Bureau, The South normally has higher poverty rates than the other three regions.

See more of's findings in the infographics below:

map_median_incomeMiles Willis / Stringer / Getty ImagesbargraphMiles Willis / Stringer / Getty Images

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Here's what people your age earn in the US

SEE ALSO: Here's what people your age earn in the US

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Here's what people earn in every US state

1. South Dakota

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2. Iowa

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3. Minnesota

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4. Alaska 

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5. Oregon 

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6. Colorado

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7. Hawaii 

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8. South Carolina

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9. Nebraska

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10. Wisconsin

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