Here's how much the 'Full House' home is worth today

'Full House' Fans Flock to House, Upset Neighbors
'Full House' Fans Flock to House, Upset Neighbors

You probably could have guessed that the value of that beloved red-door Victorian from everyone's favorite ABC sitcom has only increased over the years.

Little did the Tanner family know that their multi-family house would have been appraised for some major bucks in the years that followed the show's run on television due to the major cost of living increase in the San Francisco Bay area.

The house itself is located in the extremely desirable San Fran neighborhood called Lower Pacific Heights (often referred to as just "Lower Pac Heights") and has become an icon for tourists and fans of the show alike.

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Though the exterior has definitely been renovated and changed since the opening credit shots to the show were filmed, it's still maintained its charm and unmistakable characteristics.

The home is located at 1709 Broderick Street and includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms spread among 2,500 square feet of living space.

The two-story Victorian sold for $725K in 1990, according to Redfin, which was only two years after 'Full House' first aired.

16 years later in 2006, the house sold for a whopping $1.85M. That's an average of an astounding 6.1 percent appreciation per year.

Take a look at scenes from 'Full House' through the years:

And it should come as no surprise that today, nearly a decade later, the home is valued at an even higher number.

Zillow estimates the famed house's value to be around $3.56M, while Trulia gives it a lower estimate at $2.8M. Taking the average of these two, we can deduce that the home is worth somewhere around $3.18M.

Neighborhood Scout reports that the average appreciation rate in San Francisco has increased 3.43% annually across the last 10 years. Applying this rate to the price the house was last sold for would mean the home is valued somewhere around $2.48M.

Taking all of these estimates into account, this means that the Tanner house is valued just shy of $2.5M at its lowest, and just above $3.5M at its highest.

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There's also data from McGuire Real Estate that shows the average sale price of a house in Lower Pacific Heights was a whopping $3.846M, as reported to Popsugar.

So while there's still conflicted debate on the logistics of exactly how much the 'Full House' house is valued at today, we can gather that it probably wouldn't sell for any less than $2.5M and could be worth upwards of $3.85M.

We think it's pretty safe to say that anywhere in that price range would have Michelle Tanner wide-eyed with her thumbs up exclaiming "You got it, dude!"

Take a look at the iconic city of San Francisco below:

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