Facebook apologizes for banning photo of plus-sized model they deemed 'undesirable'

Model Deemed Too Fat for Facebook

Facebook has been dealt its fair share of controversy lately, and the Trending Topics drama has nothing on its latest scandal.

The company is apologizing for removing an ad focused on body positivity that it initially deemed too offensive.

The photo in question was of plus-size model Tess Holiday. It was part of Australian group Cherchez la Femme's promotion of their "Feminism and Fat" event.

Facebook rejected the image, labeling it as "undesirable" and claiming the image shows "muffin tops," which "make viewers feel bad about themselves."

A producer from the group addressed the controversy and said Facebook suggested they promote their event with a bicycle instead.

She now says the group will promote the event without using Facebook, leading the site to issue an apology.

The company said the rejection was the result of an "error," though they did not address why the plus-sized model was called "undesirable."

More photos of Tess:

Tess Munster aka Tess Holliday, plus sized feminist model
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Facebook apologizes for banning photo of plus-sized model they deemed 'undesirable'
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