15 places you might be forgetting to clean

Spring is finally here, and that means longer days, warmer sunshine, and the chance to finally open your windows and get some fresh air. But when you finally let the sunshine into your house? Yikes! It's time to seriously freshen things up.

Spring cleaning doesn't just make your house neat and sparkly, it also provides a new slate for the coming warm weather and a sense of renewal and rejuvenation.

But while you can dust, vacuum, and organize to your heart's content, there are always going to be those places that totally slip your mind, but are just waiting for a good cleaning.

And while they might seem like small, insignificant things, cleaning them can really make a difference and make your home look even better.

And if you're dreading spring cleaning, these little extras are actually pretty easy to tackle, and can be done quickly while you're doing something else.

They're just like these simple tips for cleaning if you have pets, and will really make a difference in your house without requiring that much extra effort. And then you'll be able to really enjoy your home all spring long!

Check out these tips below, and see what you've been forgetting. When you finally clean these out, you might be surprised at how much more wonderful and spring-ready your house will become!

Cell Phones And Headphones

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Luckily, they make electronic-friendly disinfecting wipes, because your phone and headphones are filthy. They spend all day jammed in your bag, which we know is full of germs.

So be sure to wipe them down regularly. This goes for house phones, too!

The Remote

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It seems weird, but think about it.

The remote is handled every day by probably more than one person, and it has lots of little crevices where bacteria can hide. And you know how much you like to channel surf when you're sick!

Wipe it down with disinfectant regularly.

Coffee Maker

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If you use a coffee maker every day, chances are you're going to have buildup in it. At best, it's just old coffee sludge and minerals, but at worst, it can be mold and dangerous bacteria.

Clean the lid, carafe, and filter basket every day with warm, soapy water.

To clean the more intricate parts, add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a full pot of water and run it through the machine at least once. Follow with plain water to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Toothbrush Cup

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Your toothbrushes are supposed to be clean, but when the water drips off of them and into their cup, the bottom of the cup becomes a dream home for mildew, bacteria, and other gross gunk.

Periodically run your toothbrush cup through the dishwasher or wash like you would any other cup. You should also change your toothbrushes regularly, while we're on the topic.

On Top Of Tall Things

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Ever have to stand on a chair to get something and catch the top surface of a cabinet, refrigerator, or other tall item, and find yourself saying, "Wow, that's gross"?

Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't get dirty. And all that dust piling up can negatively affect your home's air quality.

Plus, cleaning if off really will make a difference when it's clean, even from down on the floor.

Between Appliances And Furniture

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If there's only an inch of space between the cabinet and the fridge, or the stove and the cabinet, it's easy to forget about.

But it's also where dust, dirt, dropped food, and all kinds of other icky things can pile up.

A long duster or vacuum attachment can help clean these crevices out. Or, if you can, you can move your appliances and clean it with a regular mop or broom.

Gym Bags, Grocery Bags, And Purses

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And reusable bag that gets taken outside needs to be cleaned from time to time. This includes grocery bags, laundry bags, gym bags, and yes, even handbags.

Cloth bags can simply be thrown in the wash, while plastic bags can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. Leather bags should be cleaned with leather cleaner, or professionally cleaned.

The Rubber Seal On The Fridge Door

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This rubber seal, which keeps the cold air in, also inadvertently serves as a trap for crumbs and other debris.

This can start to smell funky, and it can also loosen the seal on the door, which leads to food spoiling more quickly and more power being wasted as your fridge tries to make up the difference.

Wipe it down with a soft sponge.


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Brooms are great for cleaning, but since they come in contact with so much dust and grit, they need to be cleaned themselves. After all, the bristles catch up and store lots of dust.

Synthetic bristles can be swished clean in warm, soapy water, while natural bristles can be vacuumed clean.

Bath Mats

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Its dampness makes it a prime location for bacteria and mildew. The good news is that most can be machine-washed (just pay attention to the directions, especially if it has a rubber back).

Be sure to vacuum them regularly, too. You can also opt for a wooden mat that can be wiped down.

Makeup Brushes

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Using the same brush to apply makeup can collect and re-spread bacteria onto your face.

Wash your brushes in warm water with a dab of shampoo (they're hair, so they'll take to shampoo) and let bristles dry.

Eye makeup should be replaced each season to prevent infections, and liquid foundations should be replaced every six months.

The Ceiling Fan

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Again, you can't see it, but the tops of your fan blades are probably gross, especially after not using it all winter. But turn it on, and a shower of dust cascades over your room.

Use a duster to collect and remove dust from the blades before using the fan.


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If you look inside your toaster, you might find evidence of all the toast you've ever made in it.

Luckily, most toaster-makers know that everyone forgets to clean them, so many models have a little tray in the bottom that can slide out and be easily emptied.

Unplug your toaster, slide out the tray, dump the crumbs, and wipe down with a dry cloth.

Garbage Disposal

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Why? Because it's full of garbage! Although it collects garbage, traces of food waste will remain, and they can cause your sink to smell less than fresh.

To safely clean a garbage disposal, sprinkle in a 1/2 cup of baking soda, and then pour in a cup of white vinegar. Let it foam and sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse with boiling water.

Laundry Baskets And Hampers

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If your clothes need to be washed because they're sweaty and smelly and gross, then it stands to reason that the place where you keep them until they're washed would be sweaty and smelly and gross, too, right?

Cloth bags and hampers can be washed in the machine, and harder materials can be wiped down. Placing a dryer sheet at the bottom of a hamper can combat odors, too.

Now that you know what you've been overlooking, you might feel yourself itching to go freshen them up right now!

These little touches might not seem like they'll make a difference, but they really will, and you'll wonder how you ever forgot them in the first place.

And make sure you SHARE these tips with your friends so their homes can sparkle, too!

Need more tips on how to spring clean? Check out the video below:

How to Spring Clean
How to Spring Clean

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