10 easy hairstyles to obsess over

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

10 Hairstyles to Obsess Over
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10 easy hairstyles to obsess over

1. Embellished Braid

Whichever way you decide to wear your hair this summer, one thing is for certain: Adding accessories will give your strands an unexpected upgrade. A well-placed ribbon or a glittery hair bow can inject new life into second-day, unwashed strands or bring some pizzazz to a basic ponytail or bun.

2. Curled Lob

The lob, or long bob, is an awesome summer hairstyle because styling it is a cinch. Our favorite: a tousled, beachy wave. To get the look, just apply a spritz of texture mist to towel-dried strands and let your locks air-dry.

3. Beautiful Bangs   

Looking for a way to liven up pin-straight strands? Go out with some bangs! This little bit of fringe makes an extra-big impact. And here’s a pro styling tip for those who are new to bangs: Wetting and blowing-dry just the front section is an easy way to fake freshly washed hair.    

4. Long Pixie 

This short hairstyle is actually a longer version of the pixie haircut -- the lixie? It’s also a guaranteed way to beat the heat during the most sweltering summer months. 

5. Half-Up Crown Braid

Milkmaid, crown, halo -- call them what you will, but these head-wrapping braids have been a go-to for pro plaiters for quite some time. Our favorite spin on the style is this half-up version. If you’re a newbie, no worries; just watch this video for a quick how-to.

6. Blunt Bob

We still consider the lob one of our favorite, most flattering short hairstyles. But if you’re hoping to go a bit bolder and aren’t quite ready to commit to a pixie, you can’t go wrong with a true bob. The chin-length style still allows you to create unique hairdos like a half-up hairstyle, or even a small braid.

7. Toppled Topknot 

You’ll need long, straight hair to achieve this undone updo. If your base texture is wavy or curly, a straightening shampoo and a flatiron will give your strands the right amount of slip. Now, create a ponytail and wrap the tail into a loose bun. Then pin the ends into your elastic. Dangly earrings will add just the right amount of elegance. 

8. Wrapped Ponytail With Volume

Sure, there’s nothing life-altering about a ponytail, but when styled just right -- we recommend low with lots of volume -- this classic coif comes in just as handy at the gym as it does on a night out. Apply a bit of densifying foam to towel-dried hair to get lift in your locks without a ton of teasing. 

9. Hippie-Chic Braids

To re-create this ’70s staple, simply part your hair in the center and pull a small section from each side to the back. You can braid or twist each section for extra interest. We love it on straight strands, but curling the remaining hair makes this retro look more current. Then hit the whole ’do with a spritz of hairspray.

10. Natural Waves

Warm weather marks a good time to take a break from blow-dryers and other hot tools. If your hair isn’t affected by humidity, then this isn’t such a challenge. But if your strands have a naturally curly texture, you’ll need to add a couple key products to let it all hang loose in style. A low-lather, cleansing conditioner will help you achieve healthy, frizz-free tendrils.


Looking for a foolproof way to style your hair during the summer? One of these 10 styles should do the trick. Flip through the slideshow above, and you'll find that it doesn't take much to punch up your everyday ponytail or bun. From tousled bangs to pretty plaits, here are the hairstyles that are sure to sizzle this summer.

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